Teeth Function in Digestion

Teeth and your digestive system

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How do teeth function in digestion? While most people may think that the digestion system is made up of just the stomach and intestines, there is actually another part of your body that starts the whole process.

After all, how does your food reach these vital organs? If you haven’t figured it out by now, the mouth is this missing piece in your digestive system.

The mouth is the first stage because it is the part where the food first enters your system.

How Do Teeth Function in Digestion
Teeth function by chewing up the food before it reaches the stomach and intestines. This allows you to swallow the food so that it can get down your throat.

This is the first break-down process that your food will go through, and it is required for the other parts of your digestive system to be able to effectively break down foods.

While knowing how teeth function in digestion is important, there is something that they work with to make sure that the food is broken down effectively.

When you chew your food, your salivary glands release saliva that helps with the break down of food. Saliva contains enzymes that help with the break-down of food.

It also helps you swallow the food that has been chewed up, especially for dryer foods.

Where Would You Be Without Your Teeth
Without having the teeth to chew your food, you may find it difficult to eat. It is hard to eat hard foods, even if you wear dentures.

Instead, you would have to stick with more soft foods that do not require a lot of chewing.

Statistically, half of all denture-wearing people avoid certain foods that they may find hard to chew. In addition, only 29 percent of people with dentures will only eat soft foods.

This shows how important your teeth are to your digestive process.

As you can see, without teeth you may be limited in the foods that you can eat because you are unable to chew certain things.

In order to keep your digestive system working effectively, you need to not only worry about your stomach and what you put in it, but you need to be conscious of the health of your teeth.

Without proper care, you may lose your teeth, which could greatly affect the foods that you eat.

The mass majority of digestion problems point toward improperly chewing the foods that you eat. Age and other related issues such as teeth grinding cause the teeth to wear down.

If you are spending more time chewing your food than usual, give us a call so that we can help you take the preventive steps necessary to correct this issue.

We are always here to help you and your family with your dental needs.

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