How do Teeth Grow in Humans

human teeth growth cycle

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How do teeth grow in humans? The first teeth that will grow in a person’s mouth are known as deciduous teeth among dental practitioners, but are more commonly known as baby teeth.

A human will grow 20 deciduous teeth, but these teeth are not permanent.

After humans grow a bit older after the growth of their deciduous teeth, their teeth will start to fall out to make room for the next set of teeth.

This second set of teeth that grows in are a person’s permanent teeth, and if they are taken care of, they will last the rest of their lives.

When a person grows in their permanent teeth, they will have 32 teeth instead of only 20. Most of these teeth will grow in the back of the mouth.

Types of Teeth That Humans Grow
As you may have noticed at some point, all of your teeth are not the same shape or size. This is because humans develop many types of teeth as they grow in.

A person’s teeth is classified as incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

Molars will be the last teeth to grow in, ending with your wisdom teeth, which many people have pulled out due to the problems that this specific set of teeth can cause.

Knowing exactly how teeth grow in humans is not knowledge that only dentists need, as it can help parents who have children that are just developing their teeth as well.

Humans grow two sets of teeth throughout their lifetime, so while it is still important for a young child to brush their teeth, it is even more important for them to routinely brush their teeth as they get older.

If you continue to take care of your teeth properly after the second set of teeth–the permanent teeth–grows in, your teeth should last the rest of your life.

If you are an adult that still has baby teeth or you suspect that your child’s teeth are not developing/growing as they should normally, give us a call today.

There are specific reasons why adults may still have baby teeth as well as why many children’s teeth do not erupt during predicted periods of time. We are here to help you.

Dental Anatomy
Dental anatomy is the study of tooth culture, which includes the tooth itself and how it grows in. This study is used to determine many practices that are used in every dental office across the country.

Without this study, it would be difficult for dental procedures to be performed because dentist and oral surgeons would not have the required knowledge needed to perform common task associated with their jobs.

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