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How long do you have braces on? Braces are unfortunately, a necessary part of many people’s lives because crooked teeth are such a common problem.

Having teeth that are askew can make you unhappy about your smile or even try to hide your teeth while talking or laughing. Your teeth can even cause other problems within your mouth, such as with eating and digestion.

Braces slowly pull the teeth into place, which due to the pressure that is caused by this movement; it can often be irritating to have to wear braces for a long duration.

It comes as no surprise that so many people want to know how long they will have to wear braces, but the answer may not be as simple as you might think.

What Determines How Long You Have Braces On
The amount of time that you have to wear braces depends on the severity of your specific situation.

Everyone has their own set of problems when it comes to teeth, as one person may just have too wide of gaps between their teeth while somebody else has a tooth that is sideways and is far from where it should be.

Of course, a person with a more severe problem will have to wear braces longer, but how can you determine how long it will take you specifically?

Most people will have to wear braces for a year and a half to two years, but this can definitely be longer.

If you have a larger problem besides just large gaps or a slight amount of askew teeth, then you can end up wearing braces for three or four years.

However, you should never expect to have to wear braces past four years, and this amount of time is only in the worst of cases.

how long do you have braces onOther Factors That Play Into and Effect How Long You Have Braces On For
There are actually other factors that play a part in determining the amount of time that you have to wear braces besides just the placement of your teeth.

For instance, age is an important factor. The younger you are, the less amount of time it will take for your teeth to move into their proper position.

For older adults, it can sometimes take longer because their teeth have had a larger amount of time to settle in.

Another important factor is the other problems that you can have with your mouth.

Many people either have an over-bite or an under-bite, which can extend the duration of time that they wear braces.

This doesn’t add a lot of time if you wear your rubber-bands or headgear, but most people don’t wear them properly all the time, so it can add several months onto their time.

If you have any further questions about braces and how long, you may have to wear them please contact us. We are here to help you with your dental needs.

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