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How often should you have your teeth scaled? When you go in to get your teeth cleaned by the dentist, you usually will go through both scaling and polishing.

Both are used to clean your teeth and to remove plaque that may have built up over time. Most of us do not like going to the dentist, so we avoid it.

However, this can lead up to a large amount of plaque settling on our teeth, which can cause the enamel on your teeth to be eaten away, later leading to tooth decay.

How often should you have your teeth scaled in order to keep them healthy and strong? We’ll discuss this and more on how the procedure is performed.

So How Often Should You Have Your Teeth Scaled
Dentists will often recommend that you should go in for a cleaning every six months.

In other words, you should have your teeth scaled every six months, since that is one of the processes that you undergo during the regular cleaning process.

The reason behind this is to constantly get at that tartar that you are unable to get yourself, sometimes settling in areas that you wouldn’t even guess.

If you schedule an appointment every six months, you will help your teeth in ways that you could not.

Even if you are really good at brushing and flossing your teeth, there are places that are impossible for you to clean out entirely.

How is Scaling Done
Scaling can be done in a few different ways, it all depends on the dentist that you go to.

Sometimes it is done with an ultrasonic instrument that vibrates so fast that the tartar is shaken loose, and can then be cleaned out with a soft jet of water.

The device that is suited to do this will give off a soft humming noise, but it may be amplified when the tool is inside of your mouth.

The other way that scaling is done is through the use of fine hand tools. These small tools are able to get into those tricky areas surrounding each tooth. They also allow the dentist to pick out any small pieces of tartar that you are unable to get yourself.

After the scaling is done, your teeth will always be polished to finish off the job. This leaves them whiter and cleaner, allowing your teeth to look and feel much better to you.

This whole process is quick and easy, and doesn’t hurt one bit. You no longer will have to be afraid to show off your dazzling smile once the dentist is done with you!

If your teeth appear to have a lot of tartar or plaque built up on them, give us a call today and schedule a cleaning or scaling if need be.

Continuing to put regular cleanings off does nothing to help your teeth. Plaque and tartar will not go away overtime; they will continue to affect your teeth until they are removed or until your teeth eventually fall out.

Give our dental office a call today. Even if you haven’t been to a dentist in more than 5 years we can help you right now.

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