How to Eat with Dentures

eating correctly with dentures

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How to eat with dentures? Eating with dentures can be a difficult task, especially if you are just starting out with your dentures.

This new set of false teeth can make it difficult to do some of the tasks that you were once able to do, such as talking.

However, you can overcome this by taking things slowly and giving yourself time to learn how to use them properly.

Like with everything in life, you will need to practice and use various techniques to allow yourself to be able to eat with them.

They are a bit different from normal teeth, so be prepared for a new experience.

First Experience with Dentures
When most people first start out with dentures they choose to neglect their diet and will even avoid eating, just so that they don’t have to deal with the problems that dentures may present.

The longer a person does this, the worse their diet will typically get. The main thing that people will begin to lack is protein since they won’t want to eat meat.

This does not involve every case, however, because some people will eat other protein substitutes.

How to Eat with Dentures
Learning how to eat with dentures takes a little bit of time, so be prepared to work at it a little bit.

To start yourself out slowly, try to eat soft foods. Soft foods are the easiest to consume because they don’t require a lot of chewing, sometimes requiring no chewing at all.

Some foods that you can eat while maintaining a healthy diet are things like eggs, applesauce, or soup broth.

Be careful if you try and consume hot foods or drinks. When you have dentures in, it can be far too easy to accidentally burn the roof of your mouth.

Once you feel comfortable with soft foods, begin to gradually eat harder foods that require a bit more chewing.

It is best not to do this for the first time in public, just in case you have any difficulties. You will soon be able to eat wherever you want after you get a little more practice.

You will notice that many foods will taste differently at first, but this will get better over time.

Your taste will gradually return as time goes on, until it goes right back to the way it was before you got your dentures.

Be patient, everything will be much better once you have tried out your dentures for awhile.

We are always here to address any concerns or additional questions that you may have about your dentures.

Your Concerns Need Answers
Call us today and speak with one of our dentist. We have a denture lab onsite and we are able to perform adjustments or even relign your dentures if needed so that they feel completely comfortable within your mouth.

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