Molding a Mouth Guard Correctly

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How to mold a mouth guard to your teeth? Mouth guards are commonly worn by athletes to make sure that they do not suffer any damage to their teeth.

While it is important to protect your teeth, that is not the only thing that mouth guards protect. They also keep you from biting your tongue or hurting your jaw.

Since mouth guards are important to protect all these various things, you need to make sure that it is fitted properly so that it doesn’t move around or fall out when you are using it.

A mouth guard that doesn’t fit right, works about as well as a piece of chewing gum.

How to Mold a Mouth Guard to Your Teeth
Learning how to mold a mouth guard to your teeth is actually very easy, so don’t stress out over this.

There are several steps that are involved, but if you follow them properly, you will have this done in no time at all.

Before you begin, you will want to gather a pot, a glass of cold water, and some tongs or other grabbing device that you can use.

Start out by boiling some water in the pan. Make sure that it is enough water to allow the mouth guard to float a little so that it does not sit on the bottom of the pan, as direct contact with the bottom of the pan could damage the mouth guard.

You will want to keep the mouth guard in for about thirty seconds, but not any longer than that. This will make sure that the mouth guard doesn’t become damaged, and it will make sure that it is flexible.

Afterwards, by using the tongs, place the mouth guard in the cup of cold water for a second or two. You only want it in long enough for you to be able to put it in your mouth without burning yourself, but not long enough to cool.

Afterwards, place it in your mouth and bite down for about thirty more seconds. This will leave an impression that fits right to your teeth.

To make sure that the mouth guard doesn’t adapt to any other shapes, carefully take it out of your mouth and run it under cold water for about twenty seconds.

You want it to be entirely cooled before you set it down.

You are now ready to put it in and go play! Your mouth guard should fit perfectly, as it is specifically adapted for your mouth.

We provide custom mouth guards, which we make here at our dental office that are much more durable than store bought mouth guards.

Store bought mouth guards are often one size fits all and regardless to you following their directions for molding, they often do not fully protect your teeth.

Custom mouth guards if properly taken care of will typically last a couple of years or more.

If you have additional questions regarding mouth guards or would like us to make you a custom fitted mouth guard, give us a call right now.

We can make your custom mouth guard the same day that you visit our dental office.

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