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Save your time and easily make your monthly dental payments online today.

Newman Family Dental understands our patients needs and the fact that sometimes you simply forget to mail out your dental bill in a timely fashion. Therefore we have made it easier for you to pay on your bill with our all new online secure payment processing service.

We have partnered with PayPal, which is the #1 Secure Online Payment Processing Service used by many businesses around the world on a daily basis.

Newman Family Dental trusts PayPal and you should too because they are a leader in today’s security technology. PayPal also uses state-of-the-art fraud prevention to help stop any fraudulent transaction activities. Staying current on your dental bill will now be easier than before thanks to PayPal.

You can now make your payments online, avoid late fees, and still enjoy the great dental care that Newman Family Dental provides.

Make a payment today in just 3 easy steps, see how it works below.


Make a dental payment today



To make a one time payment to us is very easy. Simply click the “Pay Now” button below. Once you click the button you will be automatically forwarded to PayPal’s securely encrypted payment processing screen.

To make sure that you know your payment will be processed securely look for “https” in the address bar above once you reach the payment screen.

When you see “https” anywhere that you shop online; this assures you that the payment processing is undoubtedly safe, secure, and that the owner of the website’s identity by law has been verified.


Make a dental payment now



Once you reach our secure payment screen you will see Newman Family Dental at the top of the page. Written below that, you will see the sentence “Make a One Time Payment on Your Dental Bill”.

Where you see “Price per Item” you’ll notice an empty white box. In this box is where you type in the amount that you want to pay on your bill. For Example: If you want to pay $30 – enter 30.00 into the box. Do not type in the dollar ($) sign. Now that you’ve entered in the amount that you want to pay on your bill, click the “Continue” button.

Next, you will be given the option to pay with funds in your PayPal account or you can click the link that says “Pay with your Debit or Credit Card”. Now click the button/link to pay with your Debit or Credit Card. Now simply enter in your name, address, credit or debit card information. Once you have entered in your information “Review It” to make sure all of the information is correct.


Make a dental payment



Now – after reviewing your information to make sure everything is correct, your almost done.

Finally, Look over your information one last time. If everything is correct simply click “Pay Now”.

Your payment will be instantly processed. When you reach the confirmation page you will be able print out your receipt or write down your payment confirmation information. In addition to that, you will also be automatically emailed a receipt and Newman Family Dental will also be instantly notified that you’ve made a payment today.


Ready to Make a Secure Payment on Your Bill Today?

Click the “Pay Now” button and easily make a payment today. You can use our secure online payment system anytime 24/7 to easily pay on your bill.

Save time, effort, and late fees – make a secure payment right now.

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