The First Teeth to Come In

first teeth that will erupt

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What are the first teeth to come in? For a newborn baby, the time is approaching for their teeth to begin erupting from their gums and begin taking their place within your baby’s mouth.

These new teeth may irritate your baby at first, so be prepared for a lot of crying during this phase of your infant’s life.

Your baby will want to chew on various things so try giving your infant a pacifier to calm them down.

While this may help, it is important that you know and understand what teeth are first to come in for your child. This will help you prepare for what is coming.


The Incisors
Your baby’s first teeth to sprout up will be the incisors. These teeth will be easy to see because they are in the front of your child’s mouth, or at least they will be.

The bottom two teeth will be the first incisors to break through the gums, followed up by the top two incisors.

The bottom ones will show around six months, while the top ones will show around eight months.

Lateral Incisors
Next to come in will be the lateral incisors, which will appear right next to the central incisors that should have already grown in.

This pair of teeth comes in at around nine months, so they come in only a month later after the top central incisors.

It is not uncommon for the lateral incisors to come in at the same time as the central incisors on occasion.

First Molars
You would expect the child’s canine teeth to come in next, but the first set of molars actually comes in next.

Instead, the molars come in, which leaves a small gap between them and the incisors. This small gap will be used for the canines to grow in.

The Canines
Finally, the canines can fill the gap that the child’s molars and lateral incisors created. The canine teeth are the teeth that are used for tearing apart harder foods, usually meats.

However, when these teeth grow in at 16 months, the baby will typically not be eating any meat yet.

So now the question “what are the first teeth to come in?” has been answered, so you should be able to help your baby out to the best of your abilities.

By visiting our dental office, our dentist can help your child cope with the irritation and can give you, as a parent, some helpful tips.

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