What is a Deep Cleaning

deep teeth cleaning

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What is a deep cleaning at the dentist? Have you ever wondered what is a deep cleaning at the dentist involves? Why is it necessary?

Over time, plaque and bacteria builds up on your teeth, often in places that your toothbrush is unable to reach.

As the bacteria sits on the teeth, it slowly eats away at your enamel, and begins to cause your teeth to decay if not cleaned.

In addition, these bacteria can cause gum disease.

If you ever have bleeding of your gums while you are eating or brushing, this is an early form of gingivitis.

Your dentist cleans your teeth to prevent mouth problems, such as gingivitis, and to keep your smile healthy and clean.

The Difference between Ordinary Cleanings and Deep Cleanings
There is often confusion between scaling, or ordinary cleaning, and root planning, otherwise known as deep cleaning.

Both are will clean your teeth, but not in the same way. Root planning is normally the process of cleaning the roots and removing any infected tooth structure that could cause further harm.

Often, a deep cleaning involves scaling as well, which is why it is a much more effective way of cleaning the teeth than an ordinary cleaning.

Can a Deep Cleaning be Painful
Depending on the severity; the dentist may choose to numb your mouth so that you are not caused any discomfort during the procedure.

You shouldn’t feel any pain at all because you won’t be able to feel your mouth at all. If you can still feel your tongue licking the side of your cheek before the procedure begins, feel free to ask your dentist for a little more anesthetic. They will not mind it, and most will usually ask you if you need more.

Sometimes, if the damage is not severe at all, you won’t feel any discomfort if you don’t have any numbness at all. This shows how easy the procedure truly is.

Understanding what a deep cleaning is and how it’s done is important because it enables you to go into the dental office with confidence knowing that you are fully aware of what will be going on in your mouth.

This information can also help you decide if you will need just an ordinary cleaning or a deep cleaning. It is not always necessary to get a deep cleaning, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

If you would like to speak to one of our dentists here at Newman Family Dental about deep cleanings or any other procedures that we provide, give us a call right now.

Our dentists take pride in our ability to provide gentle, reliable, trustworthy dental care.

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