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What is a fixed bridge for teeth? On occasion, it may become necessary for somebody to have the need for a dental bridge to repair a gap in-between two teeth that is typically created by a missing tooth.

Like how a structured bridge covers a gap to allow cars and people the ability to cross.

A dental bridge covers that gap so that there is no longer a space between. Food will no longer lodge itself in the gap. Sharp foods such as potato chip and corn chips will no longer jam into your gum.

How exactly is this space covered? After all, you may be wondering exactly what a fixed bridge is for teeth, rather than just what it does.


What is a Fixed Bridge for Teeth
A bridge is created by placing crowns on the two adjacent teeth, which work together to divide the space among the two crowns and cover the gap.

The two anchoring teeth are known as “abutment teeth”. The fixed bridge is usually known as a fake tooth, as it takes the place of a real tooth and makes it hard to tell that there isn’t a real one there in the first place.

These fake teeth can be made up of gold, alloys, porcelain, or possibly even a mixture of these various materials depending on the clinic you visit.

Benefits of Having a Fixed Bridge
Fixed bridges help people in many ways, possibly even more than many people might expect.

While fixing your smile is one of the most important things that a fixed bridge can do for you, there are other ways that it can help you.

Fixed bridges can also help maintain the shape of your face, making sure that there aren’t any small indents caused by the area where there is a missing tooth.

It can also help with your chewing, as it can be very unpleasant to try and chew and then accidentally take a bite where there is actually no tooth at all. In some cases it can be very painful.

A bridge can also prevent you from having to visit the orthodontist because your teeth moved.

Over time your teeth will slowly move, making other gaps and causing more problems.

If you don’t get a bridge, you may have to get braces later on, which is a lot more unpleasant. Afterwards, you would need to get a fake tooth anyway. Waiting doesn’t help you at all, it just makes the problem worse.

Our office specializes in dental bridges and we even have our own dental lab on site. We can also repair your fixed bridge or adjust it so that it fits better if it is giving you problems.

Give us a call with any additional questions or simply schedule an appointment and we can discuss your issue more thoroughly.

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