What is a Porcelain Crown

what are porcelain crowns made out of

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What is a porcelain crown? The most common form of crowns are porcelain crowns.

These crowns are different from other forms of crowns, but before you learn exactly what a porcelain crown is, you should learn about the other forms of crowns so that you can truly understand the differences.

This will help you learn about the reasons that you would want to get a porcelain crown, and even why you may not want to get them.

Metal Crowns
Metal crowns are very tough, but they have the huge disadvantage of being very visible.

Since they are usually a shiny color, usually silver, they are easy to see in a person’s mouth.

It is best to get a metal crown only if it is going to be placed in the back of your mouth. Crowns in the back of your mouth are harder to see, so they do not stand out nearly as much.

All-Resin Crowns
Resin crowns are the cheapest form of crown. However, you get what you pay for. These crowns wear down over time and can become easily fractured.

While these crowns may be fine for the older generation, they are typically not what you should be looking for unless you want a temporary fix until you can afford a better crown.

Porcelain Crown
While porcelain crowns may be more expensive than resin crowns, they last much longer.

Their advantage over metal crowns is the fact that porcelain crowns can be matched to the color of your teeth.

This makes it so that they are almost impossible to see, especially at a distance. They can be used for replacing front teeth that a metal crown would make look weird if you had one put in.

These crowns will last you a long time and will blend in with the rest of your mouth, making them perfect for whatever your need is.

While there are various crowns that fit specific needs, porcelain crowns can work in any part of your mouth due to their ability to look like your other teeth while being durable.

While it may depend on your situation as to which type of crown you will want, porcelain is almost always the best choice.

Even if it is in the back of your mouth you can make it so that there is absolutely no chance at all for somebody to see that you have a fake tooth back there among your real ones.

If you have any additional question surrounding the topic of what a porcelain crown is, contact us today. We are here to answer your questions as well as provide you with gentle dental care.

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