My Baby’s Teeth are Black

black spot on my baby's teeth

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Why are my baby’s teeth black? Your child’s health is incredibly important to you.

Consequently when you see something that just doesn’t fit in with a healthy baby, you instantly are going to become worried and wonder what all you need to do in order to correct the problem.

One alarming item you might notice is black teeth in your child.

This is instantly going to bring up the question “why are my baby’s teeth black?”

There is a relatively simple answer behind this, and a correctable one, as your child is eventually going to outgrow these teeth.

However, to prevent the problem from occurring further you need to avoid what is causing the black teeth in the first place.

Direct Causes of Black Teeth
While looking at your child’s teeth if you find that they are black, it means your child is experiencing baby bottle tooth decay.

This occurs due to all the sugar in drinks you may be feeding the child. Drinks such as milk, juice, slushes, formula and soda all have excessive amounts of sugar inside, which is why you need to avoid this sort of things at all cost.

Cutting out juice drinks and soft drinks is important as these products are going to have the most amount of sugar.

Preventing Baby Teeth from Becoming Black
Massage the gums of your baby to improve teething and blood flow to the teeth. This should help prevent any sort of baby bottle tooth decay.

Perform this task after every feeding to prevent any sort of gingivitis build up inside your child’s mouth.

When you do so, you should never have to worry about your baby’s teeth turning or becoming black with decay.

Milk and Formula Decay
What else could have caused my baby’s teeth to turn black? You also need to make sure your child never falls asleep with the bottle containing milk.

Although you may have been told that its ok or it seems like the thing to do, the milk is going to continually drip onto the teeth, which causes the teeth to decay.

Drinking the bottle formula or bottled breast milk may still cause the black teeth, in which case you need to slowly dilute the milk with water over a period of time.

You also need to give your child a clean pacifier, as a dirty one can collect germs and spread it to your child’s teeth.

Also, wean the child off of the bottle by at least their first birthday. This way, they are not sucking on the nipple but instead the sipper from a cut, which is better for their mouth and is going to help prevent any sort of black teeth in your child’s mouth.

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