My Baby’s Teeth are Crooked

baby teeth are coming in crooked

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Why are my baby’s teeth coming in crooked? Parenting is filled both with joys and with challenges.

While it can be great fun to watch our children develop any deviation from the perceived norm can alarm a new parent and make them wonder about the health and well being of their child.

One of the biggest dental questions that new parents first happen upon is the question, “why are my baby’s teeth coming in crooked?”

Every parent wants to know that their child is normal and while some children’s teeth emerge from their gums perfectly straight, others come in quite crooked.

This of course, does not mean a parent should be concerned. Many dental issues that occur early on with children will spontaneously resolve on their own.

Even if they do not the first set is baby teeth anyway and does not mean that their secondary adult teeth will come in crooked or over spaced.

Crooked Cutting Teeth
So why does this occur? Well, quite honestly, sometimes the jaw takes a little bit longer to develop.

The initial teeth or baby teeth are designed to create more space in the mouth for those that come a little later down the road.

Just because your child does not seem to have enough room for their teeth at three does not necessarily mean that when their adult teeth emerge that their won’t be enough room for them as well.

Tooth Crowding and Spacing
If your child has teeth that are overcrowded, however, you will want to make sure that you get them in a good oral hygiene routine early on because the biggest problem caused by overcrowded teeth is excessive cavities.

Teeth that have extra gaps and space early on, actually tend to leave enough room for adult teeth.

Most children who begin with gaps in their teeth do not need braces when their adult teeth come in since these teeth need that extra space anyway.

Twisted teeth can be a sign of overcrowding but do not in fact indicate that the adult teeth will come in crooked.

Your Questions and Concerns Answered
As a parent it is normal to wonder why your baby’s teeth are coming in crooked.

Crooked, overcrowded, or even over gapped teeth may or may not be indicators of a problem that may need braces when their adult teeth emerge.

Moreover, while there is really no need for concern about these issues early on it is important that parents make sure to have their children’s teeth cleaned and examined early on to help ensure healthy teeth and gums in the future.

We are here to help you. Give us a call right now with any additional questions that you have concerning your child’s teeth.

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